ClubLibrary is run on Wednesdays in Project room 1 in the Library at lunchtimes and will support the Yrs 7 & 8 reading programme. We will focus on the Premiers Reading challenge and supporting girls who wish to participate. We will also focus on Literature Circle novels and the Readers Cup.
As well as discussing books the club will also look at book trailers and fan fiction sites. Ms Morris and Mr Jongen will be assisted by Yr10 students.

Word Spies is part of the fun at ClubLibrary. Word Games increase vocabulary. Games can be an important way to learn all types of skills and knowledge. Play works as a way to learn for a couple of reasons. First, we are more motivated to do an activity if we are having fun doing it. Second, pleasurable activities get repeated and, therefore, give us more chances to practice the skill or piece of knowledge. And as the cliché says – practice makes perfect.
Word games are a great way to pick up new vocabulary and play with vocabulary that is already familiar. Each game focuses on a different set of skills related to learning words, so if enthusiasm wanes for one game, switching to another game can re-energize the learning process.
The Library has a wide range of games including multiple sets of Scrabble, Pictionary and other word board games.