twilight is the best book ever. Since reading the series I couldn't read anything other than fantasy and vampire books, it's really annoying! But it is the AWESOMEST MOST FANTASTICEST most TERRIFICEST book! AAAAHHH!! It seriously is sooo addictive and it is so descriptive. You feel like you are ACTUALLY in the book and living it. But then you get heartbroken because you wake up and realise that it isn't real and it isn't happening to you, trust me if you are as obsessed as me then you do feel like that. I absoloutely LOVED it!!!!!!! So intelligently planned and written. It really fits in with what every girl wants in her life, I know I do!!
It is about a teenage girl called Bella Swan who chooses to move to Forks with her Dad. She does this because (her parents have split up) her mother goes away with her partner. She thinks that this is going to be hell, but she loves her mother, so she does it anyway. At high school she is like a superstar with popularity, but the thing about Bella is that she likes to be alone. While with her new friends she sees a boy called Edward Cullen, who she soon finds out that is a vampire along with his "brothers and sisters". They soon become immensely in love with eachother and come across some difficulties including; a tracker vampire who drinks human blood (Edwards family only drink animal blood) and is drawn to Bella's scent. Edwards family go to extreme difficulty try to help her escape him, even Edwards sister, Rosalie, who dislikes Bella because she is human (Rosalie wants to be human too). She also meets up with an old friend, Jacob Black and becomes great friends again with him, like the old days when they made mud pies together over at La Push. But does she realise that they are becoming more than friends? Read it and Find out! Stephenie Meyer was very smart the way she planned the Twilight Series and she gets sooo many readers to become addicted to it. I know many MUMS who read it and loved it too! Title: Twilight | Author: Stephenie Meyer | REVIEW BY: - twilight fan forever =] ♥ YOU Edward, Jasper (L) 1,000,000,000 out of 10!!! Definately READ!!! soo interesting you just want to read on! You never know whats going to happen next. Though when I saw the movie I thought it was a bit of a let down. It cuts out half of what happens in the WHOLE book and it goes TOO quickly; i think Twilight should go for 6hours, New Moon 10hours, Eclipse 15hours and Breaking Dawn a whole day....I mean I would seriously watch it for that long. I watched the movie, then it was over!! Sooo toooooo SHORTTT!!!!!!!!

Twilight is simply THE worst series EVER! I started in 2007 and finished them in like a day each. I always loved reading before that. I have not read a book that was not for school or for the premiers reading challenge since. I am now the most obsessed person ever. XD And everybody, Edward Cullen is a fag. I have signs on my window saying so . There is no possible way I could only choose one worst book out of the saga. And do not read Twilight or anything related. OK? Good.

Twilight</font>is a really good book and I couldn't stop reading it! I've never liked a book that much! It was interesting and it made me keep reading it because I wanted to know what would happen next. Edward Cullen is my favourite character!!

Twilight just a really good book!!!!!!(enough said) luv you edward cullen!!!

twilight is a really good book.
it keeps you entertained and interested to read more.

Twilight it is so good i love it so much i couldnt put it down!!!! Ive never read a book that is so good!! it is the best book ever!! edward is my favourite character because Bella makes him sound so hot!!@!!!

I COULDN'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN!! i was up unitl like 4 o'clock in the morning readingg it!! its such a good book i recomend you read it. its really romantic and the characters are really interesting. the way the book is writen makes edward sound so hot!!

The Twilight series is an amazing love story about Edward the vampire and Bella. All teenagers will hugely enjoy these extraordinary books by the international bestseller, Stephenie Meyer. Michelle

I disagree. I think Twilight drags on a bit. I think you'll only like it if you’re really passionate about reading. It’s toooo long and tooo descriptive!!! Katerina

Eclipse byStephenie Meyer
'Eclipse' is the third book in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.It is about Bella, an eighteen year old girl and her relationship with her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen, who is stuck in his glorious 17 year old body forever. As their love for each other continues to threaten them because of their differences, Bella is forced to choose between becoming an immortal and living a full human life.Her decision would of been easy-to become an immortal and be with Edward forever, but when she finds out that she is also in love with her former best friend Jacob Black, her choice is harder and more important than ever.

Eclipse is a book of love and friendship, so if you like to read romances or fantasies, it is the perfect book for you. I really enjoyed this book, and i coudn't put it down.

AUTHOR: stephanie Meyer
Twilight was amazing to read, it felt like you were really in the book you didn't want to stop reading , page after page every word got to me
there was nothing i could say bad about the book.
it a book worth reading i give it a 10/10

By Stephanie Meyer

Twilight is a popular adventure and romance book. It is about a young girl named bella Swan who moves in with her father in a small twon called Forks. She attends the towns high school and falls in love with a guy named Edward Culllen. Later in the book Bella realises that Edward in a vampire and so is the rest of his family. They start having a serious realtionship which is difficult for Edward at times. One day Bella comes ober to Edwards house to meet them. She was very nervous at first but soon became good friends. They go out into the forest to play some baseball and suddenly come arcoss a group of vampires. James, who is part of that group, smells Bellas blood and tries to kill her. The Cullens family try to help her get away. Cecilia

Twlight is the best book i've ever read ( im not much of a reader :) )
and i really dont want to tell you any thing thing about it because you have to read it to understand what im saying. READ TWLIGHT

Author: Stephanie Meyer

I did not read it, but instead watched it since im not much of a reader. i think in the movie Bella's skin is as white like the vampires and Edward does NOT look like a vampire....any way this is what it's about, sorry if some of the info is wrong, but this is what i remember. It's about a teenager named Bella Swan who has to move to her dads home, her parents are divorced, her mum is married to someone else and i think they are on a honeymood. Bella attends a new school well..high school of course!...There's a boy named Edward Cellun...Bella was about to be smashed by a car When Edward pushes it away with his hand. Later on Bella discovers that Edward is a vampire, Bella visits Edwards family, but one of Edwards siblings is not to keen on having Bella over with a family of vampires. Edward meets Bella's family, her i forgot to tell you that Bella's dad is a cop, her farther gives her peepper spray if she's in trouble. In the end Bella was bittin by one of Edwards family enimies, the ones that drink human blood, Edwards family only drink the blood of animals. This vampire that bit her with poisen. Edward sucks the poisen out of Bella's hand to save her life, bella wakes up in the hostpital,in the very end Edward goes to the prom with Bella....of course they are in love...the end..

Breaking Dawn
Breaking is the fourth book in the thrilling Twlight series.
It starts with the last couple of days at Bella's high school. She is an 18 year old finishing her last year and getting ready for College. She has decided to marry Edward Cullen - a vampire and the love of her life - and is prepared for him to turn her into a vampire any day. However, at the same time there is Jacob - an official enemy of Edward's family but at the same time, Bella's best friend. He loves her and can not face the fact that she wants to be with Edward and not him. After Bella begins to become sick and frail, the Cullens, Jacob and Bella soon find out that Bella is pregnant with Edward's baby. Bella will do anything to help it have a life, even when it is slowly killing her. Rosalie, Edwards sister is backing Bella up. Edward and Jacob work together to help save Bella however at the same time, Jacob's wolf pack splits up.
This book reflects the thoughts and feelings of Bella. During the book, the narrator changes from Bella to Jacob. The whole vibe of Jacob, changes the way you look at the situations. I believe this is an intelligent move by Stephenie Meyer because it gives you a different feels and changes the way you look at things.
Breaking Dawn is by far my favourite out of the four, but sadly is the final book in the Twilight series :(

I read this book in 2 days and the year before I read it I only read 2 books. Twilight is one of the best books ive ever read. although it is pretty slow one of the main characters Edward Cullen just makes you cry because hes supposed to be so hot. but in the movie hes ugly.
the first and last book are the best of the series. :)

Edward Cullen is a dissapointment because in the book he sounds mint but in the movie he's ugly.

twilight is a really good book because it is descriptive and describes all the characters, setting and scenes. the movie is really disappointing because it seems so rushed.

although I have not read the twilight books I really enjoyed the film which is about Bella who has to go and live with her father. There she meets the mysterious Edmund Cullen and finds out that he is nearly 100 years old - although he looks 17. This is a very exciting film about vampires.

gooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooood as

best books ever i loved them all and it was also a great movie

Twilight is an amazing book. it is very discriptive and exciting and i found that i felt like i was actually Bella. It is so different to other books i have read, but it is by far the best. I read it in 1 day and started the second that same day too. I highly recomend it to anyone. Don't just think that you have to read it because alot of others have but I still really think you should give it a go because it is AMAZING!

New Moon

Twilight is the best book ever ever ever ever ever and the movie is the best movie ever ever ever ever ever ever so if you haven't read the book yet you HAVE to....
oh and it is NOT boring it it the best book I have read ever ever ever!
and I couldn't even say my favourite bit cos it's all my favourite!
I love it!!!

Twilight is cooler than your mums toothbrush
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